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Spoiler is one of the popular accessories in the auto accessory industry. Depending on the application purposes the spoilers differ by types. The main types include front, and rear spoilers as well as rear wings, and lip spoilers. Produced in the front and rear variants, the 2012 Honda Accord lip spoiler adds stylish accents to the vehicle. The front lip spoiler is installed in conjunction with side skirts that visually makes the whole vehicle's appearance much lower, extending the length of the bumper cover. The rear variant of the lip spoiler is mounted on the edge of the trunk lid. Available in various designs, the lip spoilers are used mostly for styling purposes to bring a sporty look to the vehicle. However a well-designed spoiler can enhance vehicle's exterior as well as improve its maneuverability.

Lip spoiler is a best choice for the driver who prefers a more subtle and at the same time appealing upgrade. Installed on the lip of the trunk, this styling accessory delivers a sporty image that is easy to be recognized. The lip spoiler can peer off the rear of the Honda Accord without being too tall or wide. It also underlines a sleek lines of the car. All these features make the lip spoiler a hotly-desired choice. There are a wide selection of the aftermarket spoiler offered in different styles, materials and shapes to meet all preferences of the driver. Most aftermarket spoilers are either factory style or custom-made. If you want the spoiler, which after mounting has a factory installed look, then the factory style spoiler is exactly you need. It matches the OEM color and dimensions of your vehicle and looks as your car came with it, hence the name factory. For more expressive look, the best choice is the custom-made spoiler. Designed to fit 2012 Honda Accord, the custom-made spoiler fit your automobile perfectly, adding distinct image that is hard to forget.

The lip spoilers can be produced from several different materials including fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicon, and carbon fiber. The fiberglass is often used in auto accessories production due to its affordable cost. It is durable and at the same time malleable into different styles and shapes. The ABS plastic is well-known for its strength and impact-resistance. Silicon is the latest invention for the auto accessories. Produced from the silicon, the spoiler features higher thermal characteristics, which extends its life span. The carbon fiber is the latest and untapped material in the spoiler production. It is very durable, light but expensive material, therefore the fiber spoilers are not offered in as wide selection of makes and models as ABS plastic and fiberglass spoilers.

Depending on the spoiler design and material, some of them can be set by means of 3M auto adhesive tape, others can be mounted with hardware. The last installation may require light drilling for mounting. In any case, the installation of the lip spoiler is uncomplicated as all necessary mounting hardware and components come along with the spoiler. The detailed installation instructions are enclosed to help you to perform installation quickly and properly.

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