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3D Carbon Spoilers & Body Kits

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3D carbon

Despite the company's name, 3D Carbon's body restyling products are actually made of impact-resistant polyurethane, so they won't shatter as they would if made out of carbon fiber. Many consider 3D Carbon products to be the best-fitting in the industry, and it's hard to argue with that when OE manufacturers such as Ford have bestowed multiple design awards to the company over the course of its short history.

The folks behind 3D Carbon body kits know what their customers are after: style! Whether a customer wants a Camaro body kit or a Mustang hood scoop, 3D Carbon has the right accessories for their needs. Made of durable carbon fiber and built to a vehicle's precise specifications, these accessories and body details can be prepped, primed, and painted to an exact match with any ride's color.

It's not idle chatter to say that 3D Carbon is among the best in their field at what they do. Product line expansion has gone hand-in-hand with a slew of Best of Show Ford Design awards, and their standing in the industry has grown in concert with each win. Innovative body kits and accessories are the name of 3D Carbon's game, and when it comes to forward-thinking, not to mention great-looking, muscle car designs, nobody does it better!

Starting in 2011, 3D Carbon partnered with AirDesign to create a whole new line of body kits and accessories. This new company, however, has chosen to focus on modern American muscle cars, and the response has been phenomenal. If you want a body kit for your domestic performance vehicle that looks and fits amazing, don't hesitate to give 3D Carbon a try.

3D Carbon History

3D carbon body kits

Ernie Bunnell and Billy Longfellow took the craft of making aerodynamic wings and curb-scraping air dams to a high art. They popularized cosmetic customization so completely, it's nearly impossible to drive more than three blocks in Southern California without seeing a Honda Civic, Acura Integra or Mitsubishi Eclipse featuring one of their creations bolted on. They connected, perhaps better than anyone else ever had, with what the young male sport compact car owner most loved to spend his paychecks on - style. Bunnell and Longfellow founded Wings West in 1992, and in 1999, an outside automotive investment firm acquired the company. Wings West continued to operate under the management of Bunnell and Longfellow for five more years.