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All about car spoilers

Are Car Spoilers for Show of for Go?

Nowadays car owners have a lot of ways to customize their cars and make them look better. Big variety of parts and accessories let the drivers make their cars much different from the regular models. Maybe the most popular way of customizing is adding a spoiler. For the first time spoilers were presented to the public in 1970s by Porsche with presentation of the model 911 Turbo. Now after more than 40 years any car owner has opportunity to instal this device on the car. There are 4 types of spoilers: pedestal spoiler, front spoiler, lip spoiler and «wings».

Custom rear spoiler

Types of Spoilers

Pedestal spoiler is the most popular type of this device. It places on the trunk (usually on top) and can be added to the most types of cars.

Front spoiler is placed in the front of the car to lessen the drag. It blocks unstable air currents from entering the chassis.

Lip spoilers are similar to pedestal ones, but are more sleek and small.

«Wings» are the biggest spoilers and are usually placed on the sport cars. They help to stabilize the vehicle on the high speed by creating the down force.

Kia Optima rear spoiler

Benefits of Car Spoilers

Spoiler not only makes the car look more stylish and sporty, it helps to increase the aerodynamic properties of he car. Besides, spoiler installation creates better traction on the road because of better airflow around and over the car. But this is not the only advantage of car spoilers. Lets consider more advantages of it.

1. Well-Maintained Traction The main advantage of spoiler installation is better maintained traction at high speed. The air pressure can lift the car when the speed is higher than 70 mph. It makes driving harder and may cause getting car out of control. Rear spoilers increase car stability on the road by pushing the its back down so that tires grip the road better.

2. Better Fuel Efficiency Front spoiler (also known as air dam) may increase gas mileage. Air dams push the air around the car which reduces the drag. This process does lower the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes.

Rear spoiler on Honda Civic

3. Better braking stability Increasing the safety is one of the main benefits of car spoilers. Its installation raise the braking stability of the car with the raising of the downward force. Even on high speed the vehicle will have better braking performance.

4. Better visibility on the road One more advantage of spoiler in terms of safety is better visibility. Car with spoiler is easier to recognize on the road so the other drivers will have better opportunity to react on your car's maneuvers.

5. Decrease the car's weight The spoiler can even decrease car's weight. Not directly, but through its properties. The thing is that spoiler installation allows car manufacturer to decrease the weight of the vehicle by using for example lighter materials without concerning about vehicle's safety. The car will still be steady on the highway because spoiler increase maintain traction (look at 1st advantage).

rear wing spoiler

6. Sportive stylish look Of course, the most visible advantage of spoiler installation is creating more sportive and stylish look of the car. A very big variety of spoilers allows you to choose any spoiler you want. There are different types of shapes, colors and materials of this device so you can find exactly what you want. Besides, some car manufacturers produce cars with installed spoiler to emphasize its sport purpose.

But be aware, that all of these advantages except last (sportive stylish look) will be not so perceptible if your usual speed on the road is under 70 mph.