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All about car spoilers
How To Install a Spoiler?

How To Install a Spoiler?

If you want your car to look more sporty and stylish, one of the best way to do is to install spoiler. Spoiler doesn't just enhance the appearance of your car but adds it more value. Besides spoiler installation may improve the aerodynamics and increase the gas mileage of your vehicle. Big variety of shapes, colors and materials, such as polyurethane, fiberglass...

All information about spoilers

All About Spoilers

The history of Automobile spoilers was way back from the 1960's, when race cars still looked more or less like cars on the normal street. Custom style spoilers were actually put to use by NASCAR when racing teams petitioned for allowing the very unstable Dodge Charger to create a downward force on the rear side...

Custom Rear Spoilers

Are Car Spoilers for Show or for Go?

Nowadays car owners have a lot of ways to customize their cars and make them look better. Big variety of parts and accessories let the drivers make their cars much different from the regular models.