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Xenon / American Fabrication Corporation (AFC)

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Xenon / American Fabrication Corporation (AFC) manufactures quality low pressure Reaction Injection Molded Polyurethane automotive body styling parts and components for both OEM applications and their own aftermarket product lines.

Company operates tooling, manufacturing and administrative services from 37,500 square feet of facilities in Southern California including a complete Pattern and Mold department. They also inventory over 500 individual molds.

The company was formed in 1973 and has been manufacturing polyurethane parts since 1980. Their friends know them as Xenon, pronounced Zee-non. Xenon (AFC) have earned a reputation as a leader in our market with a simple creed and philosophy.

Xenon Spoilers & Styling Parts

At Xenon (AFC), they have the best designers in their field create visually exciting products to enhance/improve on the OEM designs. Company designs quality "into" their products and are proud to produce the finest products in the industry. Xenon (AFC) strive to treat their customers and suppliers with fairness and honesty.

Xenon (AFC) is the place to go for killer cosmetic upgrades. One of the top names in body styling parts, Xenon uses only quality low pressure Reaction Injection Molded Polyurethane materials to produce some of the toughest, best-fitting body kits and body parts available. And, since Xenon has been churning out body parts since 1980, they've got more than a few years of expertise under their belt.

Xenon Dodge rear spoiler

Xenon (AFC) operates out of sunny Southern California. Their cool, street-ready styles and slick designs bring some of that legendary Cali car culture home to you. And, their company creed, "Quality starts with great design", is evident in each and every body styling piece they manufacture. Xenon will bring you some of the best products such as body kits, fender flares, side skirts, hood scoops and more at the absolute lowest prices. When you're looking to outfit your vehicle with clean, noticeable style, Xenon body parts are a top choice.